Manage Stress Increase Probability

Dear CFA Candidate, Are you confident ahead of the December 2 exam? If you are, or if you aren't, here are some tips that may increase the probability of your eventual success! It's never too late to clear your head! 1) The biggest predictor of academic success is mindset. Belief that you will succeed even guides your choices of study plan, research shows! To find out your beliefs about yourself, take a couple minutes after a study session and jot down 3 sentences about how you feel about December 2, 2017. 2) Are you anxious? Does your heart start pounding when you think about arriving at exam center at 8 AM on December 2? To succeed you need more time. Increase study time, do better

Fintech Hasn't Vanquished Fraud

Despite rose colored glasses view of early fintech founders, digital relationships haven't changed human nature. Fintech grows up and gains security measures.





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