Manage Doubt Increase Probability

20 days to go. And think how far you have come already. You’ve been living with stress and anxiety since you registered for the upcoming exam. And now in the last days before the big day, self-doubt turns up the heat and your mind is turned over to a kind of chaos that can transform all your hard work into a self-defeating virtual reality. Yet this chaos is not an actual reality. The thoughts that define your doubt are probably variations on these: "What was I thinking? I’m not good enough. The CFA is the top of the heap." "Everyone else who’s prepping is far more qualified than I." "I didn’t study enough. My knowledge of derivatives is lacking. I never learned the accounting. I don’t know (

Reduce Anxiety and Stress Tip #3 and #4

Down to the final stretch. Only 25 days to go until you write the Level 1 exam. You've sacrificed hobbies, time with friends and family, the gym, and likely some sleep. Will you have to do it again next June, or worse, June 2019? If you've done the work, put in the hours, you're on a good path to finding your success. But how do you feel? Are you feeling burdened by the process or is your support group pressuring you about all this time away from them? Does your heart pound or your mouth get dry when you think about the upcoming event of December 2? Then taking action on these tips might give you the needed boost for these last miles. Tip #3 Anxiety. The feeling is dry mouth, rapid breath,





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