Manage Stress Increase Probability

Dear CFA Candidate, Are you confident ahead of your June exam? If you are, or if you aren't, here are some tips that may increase the probability of your eventual success! It's never too late to clear your head! 1) The biggest predictor of academic success is mindset. Belief that you will succeed even guides your choices of study plan, research shows! To find out your beliefs about yourself, take a couple minutes after a study session and jot down 3 sentences about how you feel about June 23, 2018. Review your notes and if trend is increasingly anxious, do exercises to get calm and focused. 2) Are you anxious? Does your heart start pounding when you think about arriving at exam center

Candidates: Uncover What You Do Best to Pass June 23 Exam

Paul Tudor Jones Pays His Coach $1M a Year: “Worth Every Penny” Top hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones made the right call on Black Monday in 1987 then sank into obscurity. To get back in the game, he hired master coach Tony Robbins on the spot after their first meeting. The results were so profitable that Tudor Jones and his Tudor Investment Corp. now rely on Robbins’ advice no less than once a quarter – and he pays Robbins a cool $1 million a year plus a cut of the profits. What does Robbins do? "I uncovered for Paul what he was doing at his best.” Robbins identified patterns that led to the original brilliance, but that Tudor Jones had dropped when he went into decline. Candidates preppi

What Does 138 Days until June 23 Mean for CFA© Exam Candidates?

You are not like any other candidate. And you all have 138 days to prep for the June 2018 CFA© exams. These tips can benefit everyone: You have some study hours behind you. You should know: how many more hours you need to put in to master the curriculum and the test taking skills you will need. You can refine which topics and which subtopics you should spend the bulk of your time on. You still have time to structure a study plan to suit your personality. You can shift bad habits with small, daily changes. You can practice the “investment professional mindset” for 138 days – long enough to change neuronal pathways. If you start today, you should allocate your 300 hours to this study plan sche





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