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CFA Candidate: U.S. Holiday Study Tips

September 3, 2017



For the Level 1 December 2 prep candidates stuck inside this weekend. We're thinking of you -- maybe these ideas can make your weekend a little easier.


When I took Level I it was the early June cycle. My husband was prepping for a marathon and had a workshop in our living room with four friends and a world class marathoner coach. They were having so much fun and I could not leave my office despite the merriment in the other room.

Tricks I used to keep focused. (I passed...)

1) I wanted to be out with the fun. To keep centered on the page in front of me I kept a picture of a friend's Congratulations note next to my books.
2) Try doing a "test" every half hour at least. With high distractions it's easy to read without really reading.
3) If you're distracted there are two "fixes". Get up and do vigorous exercise for 5 minutes every hour. And, be realistic and add hours to your study plan. If you've been at it for 6 hours but only really did 3 hours of work, then up the total to 303!

Good luck in prep and on the 2nd!!

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October 18, 2018

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