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Career Success Package©

Are you upgrading skills for the new finance, or maybe even founding a company in fintech?


Have you been working toward a goal and are frustrated at the slow pace?

These are the questions we’re answering for clients pursuing their next achievement:


  • How do I find available jobs in fintech?

  • How do I redo my resume and online presence to match the new sector?

  • Why won’t startups take my calls?

  • How do I get around or remove obstacles to achieving my desired success?



Work with Cynthia Harrington, CFA Asset manager, financial journalist, behavioral finance speaker writer and coach. Clients say Cynthia has helped break through and create success in finance and tech in more ways that imagined possible!



Our career coaching follows an arc with beginning, middle, and end so you craft your own story of your transition:

  • Beginning is clear goal setting for both the term of the program and the ultimate goal.

  • Middle is brainstorming all possible paths and methods to get to the goal.

  • Resolution of the process is an executable plan built from these new-found ideas that have immediate and practical application.


Over the last decade of working with clients we've also successfully helped those from a broad range of industries.

How our clients have been so successful:

All of our coaching is based on a proprietary personality assessment through which we pinpoint actions that fit your personal set of motivations.


(Tip: finance personalities don’t match tech personalities.)


We outfit your tool box so you succeed in the setting you desire.

Measuring what matters: The most important indicator of whether we can help is how clear our clients can express their goals in our first session.

  • We sit down for 2 hours and at the end have precise language for the desired goal.

  • Many clients say that we do 90% of the work in those first 2 hours because this clarity is what has kept them from progress to date.


We work in 13-week and 26-week programs; the format is one hour in video conference each week with tasks to perform in between. These exercises move the process forward through experimentation and then reflection and analysis on the weekly discussion.

If this resonates at all, we could get on a short call to see if our styles are a good fit. You could drop back questions via email, or a couple of times you have available on your calendar for a 15 minute chat

Armed with real self-knowledge, candidates can construct a study plan tuned not just to academic but also to emotional success. You get advice and counsel on personalizing your study in the included 1-hour coaching session.


Give yourself the unfair advantage of a study plan tailored to your personality, and to your state of mind.

Questions? Please write or call us.

Ready to take next step and schedule your session?

Pricing: $3,750 13- weeks; $7,000 26-weeks

Results? Typical results are 2-3x ROI.


Fintech careers demand fresh skills -- and a different work personality.

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Speaking Data Science with an Investment Accent

A short, candid conversation with Cynthia led to a most rewarding coaching experience. For an honors student, failing an exam in spite of serious preparation was no easy blow. At one point, passing the Level II CFA exam felt like the biggest challenge. I was intrinsically motivated to study again but the stakes were high and I felt that I wasn’t armed with the right mindset. Cynthia’s role was instrumental in helping me shift back to a growth mindset, which really made all the difference. On to Level III!

S.S., Equity Analyst

Each level of the CFA exam is a different mountain to navigate.  Working with Cynthia we constructed a plan of study that lead me to ultimately pass the CFA Level II exam.  There are times one needs an advisor to tell you what others can see that you yourself cannot see.  Cynthia to me is that trusted advisor.

L.C., Independent RIA

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