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Know Your CoFounders

Startups fuel the future and founders fuel startups. Now there's hard evidence on how to pick winning combinations of founder personalities. 

“We find that personality traits don’t simply matter for start-ups –

they are critical to elevating the chances of success...”

        Paul X. McCarthy, lead researcher "The impact of founder personalities on startup success."

Screenshot_2020-04-08 Julian Voss-Andrea
Screenshot_2020-04-08 Julian Voss-Andrea

Founder Personality

Do you have what science says is the winning combination?

You are driven, you have a great idea, and you've raised some money.

Will you go the distance and what corrections might you put in now to improve your odds?



Individual team members' personalities matter and putting the right mix together is the critical factor in success.

Do you have the "success matches"?

Do you have the right mix of technologists, executives and business people?

Wonder how to reconstitute your team to improve probability of success? Formula is at the right.

Leader + Developers Lead to Success

Screenshot_2020-04-08 Julian Voss-Andrea

Build Teams on Data and Evidence

  • Short assessment generates data for comparison

  • Self service report provides answers if you know how to analyze

  • Get analysis and coaching for improvement for you and team together and individually
  • Screen all prospective members for team and position fit

     Reports of individual or team analysis.
     Know your team before venture presentations. 

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