Becoming Fundable: The Startup MBA Workshop

Funding a startup takes skills across 10 areas of expertise.  The Becoming Fundable Masterclass uncovers where founders can build on their strengths and augment all areas to improve their hit rate with investors.


Founders learn how to tell the story of their company powerfully and completely, and how to see their startup through an investors' eyes.

Screenshot_2020-04-08 Julian Voss-Andrea

In Becoming Fundable you'll learn:

  • How to break down a business into 10 elements and see how the 10 elements interrelate

  • How to pull the elements of a startup together into a cohesive narrative that prompts investor action

Ready to Pitch? Find Investors Workshop

1-Hour Online  $99

  • How to find investors looking for you
    How to get introductions

  • How to pitch so investors say YES

What you expect to get out of the Startup Funding Workshop:

  • Deep understanding of 10 important facets of your business

  • Clarity on strengths and weaknesses and how to optimize each

  • Your company pitch deck draft that is investor-ready

Screenshot_2020-04-08 Julian Voss-Andrea
Screenshot_2020-04-08 Julian Voss-Andrea
Screenshot_2020-04-08 Julian Voss-Andrea



Cynthia Harrington, CFA is a serial entrepreneur with successful companies in education technology and investment management. She worked with pioneering crowdfunding company Issuance and helped dozens of companies to raise Reg A and CF funds. She holds the CFA chartered financial analyst designation, is a behavioral finance consultant, and award winning journalist.

LinkedIn: Cynthia Harrington

Upcoming Workshops

Becoming Fundable  April 20, 2022
Find Investors            TBD