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Innovating through Crisis

Leaders have an opportunity in this disruption.

  • ​How do you spot the opportunities?

  • How do you use a different perspective to evaluate your roles and processes to restructure your business?

  • How can you maximize human capital?


COVID 19 has been very disruptive but it will end soon. How can we prepare ourselves and our businesses for this new world of changes?

Let us help make insights visible.

Sagespring Associates been managing these transitions for clients for over two decades. While no one would wish to have this kind of disruption forced on them, These events force a re-thinking of ways of doing business that can take weeks to achieve in an assignment in normal times.

Screenshot_2020-04-08 Julian Voss-Andrea
Screenshot_2020-04-08 Julian Voss-Andrea


Innovation. Always desired, seldom welcomed, often resisted. Now an opportunity opened wide.


New ideas mean new values: flexibility, resilience, iteration replace the desire for constancy, repetition, and predictability.


Creativity demands quiet – and distance from the everyday. 

What we offer:


One day session with  internal teams to profit from the disruption: 

  • Guided investigation with your team

  • Identify weaknesses in processes

  • Retool across departments for the new reality: selling and delivering services online

  • Consciously create your post-COVID company culture

Team approach with 3-4 compatible peers with unique perspectives: 

  • Weekly session provides the window for you to see into your post-quarantine world. Sign up for one month or as many as ar productive for your progress.

  • Guided process (following the Lean Canvas startup method)

  • Work product -- first the business planning process; then you have in hand an implementable plan in operations, finances, marketing, and administration for the new era

Screenshot_2020-04-08 Julian Voss-Andrea
Screenshot_2020-04-08 Julian Voss-Andrea

What you expect to get out of the innovation process:

  • Help to create the mindspace to see and move on opportunities

  • A structured time away from the everyday to see or create something new

    • A step back from the trees to see the forest 

    • See how customers and competitors are changing

  • Motivation to act from this new perspective to emerge on the other side of this phase lean and ready to pursue new opportunities

Screenshot_2020-04-08 Julian Voss-Andrea
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