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Focus Study Time for CFA Prep

What it means to have 159 days to prep for the June CFA exams.

  1. You can shift bad habits with small, daily changes.

  2. You can determine which topics and which subtopics you should spend the bulk of your time on.

  3. You can maximize your time by studying with groups or studying alone, whichever suits YOU best.

  4. You can practice the “investment professional mindset” for 159 days.

  5. If you start today, your daily study time should be:

300 hours from now to May 23. That’s 129 days until mock exam time. The last 30 days you finish your prep by practicing actual exams You apply the knowledge that you’ve gained through the hours of reading and processing materials.

That’s 18.25 weeks from now to May 23. To cover and process the material 16.5 hours per week.

Wonder how to make those hours focused and productive?

We’ll write about that next week. Read more today at

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