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  • Cynthia Harrington, CFA

Review: #2 Priority for Exam Success

#1 Priority: Keep Head on Straight

Still prepping for June 23 exam? Congratulations! You beat the busy schedules, self-doubt, lack of discipline, and out and out fear that have leveled hundreds of other people who started on the same journey.

June 23 is a long way away. If you've put in the work so far and you're on honest review of what you know, you have plenty of time to master what you don't yet know.

BUT -- if:

  • busy schedules,

  • self-doubt,

  • wavering discipline, and

  • out and out fear

are taking a toll on your study, your #1 job for the next few weeks is to keep YOU in good shape. You, your brain, and your ability to focus, are the most important factors in your success on the exam.

We work with hundreds of candidates and these techniques are proven to increase your probability of passing:



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