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Help Wanted: Financial Services Content Strategist

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Content marketing occupies an important position in financial services firms. Sharing knowledge in the process of creating the client relationship is core to growth.

Until now this has been an expensive proposition for financial services companies. Financial writers do not come cheap. Crafting and managing a content strategy for financial services companies requires a deep understanding of marketing goals, target audience, and the industry as a whole.

Generative AI changes the game. With an expert asking the questions and fact checking the output, layers of expensive labor can be cut out of the process. Boutique firms can now implement content strategies that rival the big banks.

Seek Expertise in Finance and Tech

Generative AI is new so finding the right kind of talent takes some advance knowledge and effort. Approach your task by applying these five strategies.

  1. Evaluate Expertise and Specialization: Content strategy firms specialize in creating and implementing effective content strategies across various industries, including financial services. They have expertise in understanding target audiences, creating compelling content, and utilizing appropriate channels to reach and engage with the desired audience. By partnering with such a firm, a financial services company can benefit from their specialized knowledge and experience in developing content strategies that align with their specific goals.

  2. Test Industry Insights: Content strategy firms often have extensive experience working with various clients in the financial services industry. They stay up-to-date with industry trends, regulatory changes, and consumer preferences. Leveraging their knowledge, they can tailor content strategies to address specific industry challenges and compliance requirements. This industry-specific expertise ensures that the financial services firm's content remains relevant, compliant, and resonates with its target audience.

  3. Measurable Results: Content strategy firms are typically focused on delivering measurable results. They employ data-driven approaches to track content performance, analyze user engagement, and make data-backed recommendations for improvement. This focus on analytics and measurement enables the financial services firm to gain insights into the effectiveness of their content strategy and make informed decisions for future campaigns.

Use an Outside Firm to Increase Professionalism

  1. Fresh Perspective: External content strategy firms bring a fresh, unbiased perspective to the table. They can offer new ideas, creative approaches, and innovative strategies that may not have been considered internally. Their external viewpoint can help challenge existing assumptions and bring a different level of creativity to content creation and distribution. This can lead to more impactful and effective content campaigns.

  2. Time and Resource Efficiency: Developing a comprehensive content strategy requires dedicated time and resources. By outsourcing this task to a content strategy firm, a financial services company can free up internal resources and focus on core business operations. The firm can handle content research, creation, optimization, and distribution, allowing the company to leverage their expertise without diverting internal teams from their primary responsibilities.Scalability and Flexibility: External content strategy firms can scale their services based on the needs of the financial services firm. Whether it's strategy project or an ongoing content marketing campaign, they can provide the necessary resources and expertise. Additionally, they can adapt their strategies and tactics based on market dynamics, allowing the financial services firm to stay agile and responsive to changing market conditions.

In summary, financial services firms may choose to work with an outside content strategy firm to tap into specialized expertise, gain a fresh perspective, save time and resources, leverage industry insights, achieve scalability and flexibility, and obtain measurable results in their content marketing efforts.

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