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Success Package

In just 20 minutes get your score on your motivations, strengths and areas to improve.

Survey and Coaching

Personality assessments can reveal important information for you to help guide decisions. You can deepen your understanding of your motivations and desires, learn how you compare to others in your field, and pinpoint areas for self improvement to assure you meet your goals. Just answer 120 questions and sit back to contemplate rich data and reports about you.

CFA Candidate Focus Strategy

Only the strong survive the grueling hours of study and challenging exam. If you're looking for a check-in on strengths and looking for areas to improve in your preparation for the upcoming exams, choose this package of the assessment survey and report with one-hour coaching with experienced coach and working CFA. You will find this time spent to be well worth it. You'll get a report that compares you to successful charter holders, exercises to keep your mental game strong while studying, and pinpoint areas for specific improvement. The package gains you: 

  • Time- and cost-saving method

  • Awareness of issues that may be impeding your full success

  • Catalyst to start that project or task

  • Solve a problem in your way

Survey or Coaching 

Only want a written report on your strengths and areas to improve? Or only a coaching session? Choose a la carte depending on what you want. 


Cynthia Harrington, CFA

  • CFA in three attempts

  • Thought leader and speaker behavioral finance

  • Hedge fund consultant

  • Trading tech coach

  • Contributor to CFA program curriculum

  • 100% success rate with candidate coaching (full 3-month program)

The Word is Out! Read Our Testimonials

"Cynthia is an excellent coach. The outcome of my engagement with her far exceeded expectations.  I particularly appreciated her commitment to having me deliver the agreed-upon quantitative goals so as to make the ROI attractive at the end of the sessions. 

And I am looking forward to working with her again in order to accelerate the momentum in my career sparked by coaching.

Sr. Analyst, $1B Fund

"I met my goals and was delightfully surprised that at the conclusion of the coaching at the increased sense of self confidence, sense of being more effective, and the increased ability to be more patience with the self. 

It was not just the level of intensity that made the work so effective, but also the accompanying exercises to engage and strengthen areas of my brain. The end result is a more optimized brain. I think more clearly."

Investment Analyst,
Los Angeles, CA

 "Feeling like I was standing still in a tornado during the storm that was the financial crises of the last few years, I sought the expertise of  Cynthia Harrington.  She provided an enormous source  of insight about the future of the industry and helped me develop a new way of thinking – one that shed light on mental biases that were influencing my best decision making, Cynthia helped me convert anxiety into an effective emotion and create a new vision for my life’s work. At today’s prices, her services have been worth her weight in gold!" (1/19/10)

Portfolio Manager,
Los Angeles, CA

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