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  • Cynthia Harrington, CFA

Candidates: Uncover What You Do Best to Pass June 23 Exam

Paul Tudor Jones Pays His Coach $1M a Year: “Worth Every Penny”

Top hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones made the right call on Black Monday in 1987 then sank into obscurity. To get back in the game, he hired master coach Tony Robbins on the spot after their first meeting.

The results were so profitable that Tudor Jones and his Tudor Investment Corp. now rely on Robbins’ advice no less than once a quarter – and he pays Robbins a cool $1 million a year plus a cut of the profits.

What does Robbins do?

"I uncovered for Paul what he was doing at his best.” Robbins identified patterns that led to the original brilliance, but that Tudor Jones had dropped when he went into decline.

Candidates prepping for the exam on June 23 also have patterns that ensure success -- and those that are driving toward obscurity.

You put in an enormous investment of time, make it pay. Knowing your right patterns can make your investment pay off this year. Next year you can advance to the next level.

We apply the same coaching technique – uncovering what you do best. We don't wonder what your strengths are either - we know. Our proprietary survey highlights your strengths, and compares your scores to a data base of investment professionals. In 20 minutes of your time, we pinpoint exactly where your strengths are?

And we won't cost you $1 million. (Just $300 gives you the exam prep edge.)

"I got inspired to keep going with my superpower (the secret sauce as you called it). What a delight to listen to someone's advice in such a honest and savvy way." T.L., CFA 2012

Technical Director Oil & Gas

Want to get your exam prep edge right away? Sign up for your Candidate Success Package appointment here.

Read the whole story of Robbins and Tudor Jones here:

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