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  • Cynthia Harrington, CFA

CFA Success: These Last Days

Are you anxious, stressed, unable to focus? Talk it out.

Unload your brain of concerns by asking questions, share how you feel, and get advice from a coach and your peers.

The dominant voices in your head in this home stretch should NOT be:

I can’t focus what do I do?

I’ve got a sudden emergency and the exam date is approaching.

I’m only getting 60% on my practice exams and there isn’t enough time left.

If these thoughts are running your head, you’ll have a hard time studying and reviewing. All your hard work to date can be undone in these last days.

There’s an effective solution.

Talk it out. When you name the feeling, your emotional brain gives up the angst. This is an element of good coaching; both client and coach see the progress that follows such a talk.

This is not a lightweight solution. You are actually changing your brain activity when you name the feeling. Psychologists studied their clients’ brain scans while this talking out process was happening and there is a physiological change that is behind the behavioral change. The activity in the emotional center the amygdala, actually stops and shifts to the executive center. It seems that the labeling turns the runaway emotional state into one that’s under cognitive control.

When you talk it out you can begin to listen to the self-talk that is reasonable.

You know how much you have prepared

You know how capable you are

You know how you have developed the skills

You need to succeed on exam day.

So how do you do this “talk it out”?

You can make this happen in a number of ways.

  1. You can talk to yourself,

  2. You can engage a close friend or neutral family member,

  3. You can talk to your instructor or candidate colleague, or

  4. You can engage a coach.

The process is simple. Not always easy to do, but the process is simple. You describe your feeling until you calm down.

What is the key action is to focus in on how and what you are feeling. The more accurately you describe how you are feeling, the more likely you will succeed with this exercise.

To finish off the exercise, talk about how you feel now. Calm? Confident? Centered? Focused?

Spend some time talking this feeling because this is what you want to maintain 24/7 for this last phase of prep for CFA Exam 2018.

Talk It Out with Us

Cynthia Harrington, CFA. And 20 candidates in your same space prepping for the same level.

Format: 30 minutes Q&A online. Get questions answered, share concerns, regain control of your study focus.

Dates: (All times Pacific Daylight Time)

May 27 4 PM Level I

June 2 8 AM Level II

June 7 5 PM Level III

June 17 4 PM All Levels

Cost: Complimentary

First come first served. Include your preferred date.

We'll send you the logon in return email.

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