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  • Cynthia Harrington, CFA

Breathe for CFA Exam Success

Looking for stress relief without having to close your eyes or wire up to a bulky biofeedback machine? You have a powerful tool to use any time any where no extra packing needed?

Breathing to a count and quick breaths in and out have kept Navy SEALS on the job even under the kind of extreme duress that is the CFA exam day.

Two techniques. #1 we use with CFA candidate clients -- to great success.

#1 We CFA charter holders are highly numerate people. We think in numbers; we love problems that can be understood by organizing numbers. That's why breathing to numbers quickly reorganizes a candidate's brain. Formulas, case studies, and asset allocation strategies are easy to recall.

The strategy:

Breathe in for count of 10 and out of count of 14. Repeat until brain is calm.

#2 Navy SEALS use a technique that cycles breath in and out. Find the full strategy plus focusing circle at

If you fear losing all the hard work you've put in, go the distance.

Our CFA coaches have been there. Reach out for help to ensure this is your last attempt at this level:

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