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Reduce Anxiety and Stress Tip #3 and #4

Down to the final stretch. Only 25 days to go until you write the Level 1 exam. You've sacrificed hobbies, time with friends and family, the gym, and likely some sleep. Will you have to do it again next June, or worse, June 2019?

If you've done the work, put in the hours, you're on a good path to finding your success. But how do you feel? Are you feeling burdened by the process or is your support group pressuring you about all this time away from them? Does your heart pound or your mouth get dry when you think about the upcoming event of December 2? Then taking action on these tips might give you the needed boost for these last miles.

Tip #3 Anxiety. The feeling is dry mouth, rapid breath, heart pounding. You get it when an event is happening and you can be afflicted equally just by anticipation. You've got plenty of time to change your response to the feeling. When the feeling rises in your throat, practice breathing. Focus on a 10 count in and then a 14 count out. Form a habit to do this every 15 minutes while you are studying, in addition to when the feeling hits you. This habit will serve you on exam day as well. Begin the focus as soon as you get up and use this 24-second exercise during the exam sessions.

Tip #4 Stress. Mindfulness expert Jeremy Hunter, PhD, at Claremont Graduate University told attendees at the annual conference how to reduce stress. Focus attention by cutting down on doing too much with too little attention, and also focus on three qualities: receptivity, curiosity, and openness.

You don't have a lot of time to spend on your mental game. We get that. So we only ask for an hour and a half to get your full mental powers returned. Get personalized analysis of what is bothering you and exercises to solve your unique issue. Find out more on the Success Package page.

"Working with Cynthia and Sagespring associates helped me realize qualities that I have in me that are essential in passing the CFA exam. Cynthia helped me realize how to maximize my opportunities, while being aware of my weakness in other to fully achieve my potential within the CFA program and financial industry in general!" ...K.E.

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